The Fellowship

What is the RajeevCircle Fellowship?

Rajeev Circle Fellowship is a growing community of tech savvy change makers who share a vision of peace, prosperity, human rights and freedom in the Indian Sub-continent. Designed as a social movement from the ground up by its founder Asha Jadeja, RC Fellowship is a family driven activity not tethered in any organization, university or institution. It aims to create a grass roots network of budding venture capitalists in the Sub-continent who will extend Asha and her late husband Prof Rajeev Motwani’s vision of bringing a mindset of abundance, risk taking and disruption into their home region.

It is a one of a kind phenomenon that runs by itself with the help of a group of senior volunteers in the Bay Area that form the Rajeev Circle. Once a Rajeev Circle Fellow, its members become a tight knit community of exponential thinkers and doers that transcend the usual definitions and do what it takes to extend this network to other like minded entrepreneurs.

Each year the fellows get to immerse themselves in the heart of the Silicon Valley – meeting influential entrepreneurs and mentors, attending conferences and bootcamps, and even pitching to potential investors.

Asha’s vision has evolved towards grooming our Fellows to form a distributed network of budding Scout VCs. Our Fellow Scouts will enable hundreds of brilliant young entrepreneurs and problem solvers from South Asia to get a running start in their own projects through the wealth of experience and resources the Valley offers. For more mature projects we see our fellowship as providing escape velocity to our entrepreneurs and their startups.

After the first visit, RC Fellows acquire a “permanent home” in the Valley, giving them unprecedented freedom to visit often for sales, conferences, business development and fund raising. Our fellows grow into a dynamic, living and breathing corridor between South Asia, Europe and US. All expenses (roughly $70,000 per Fellow) are borne by the Motwani Jadeja Foundation.