Rajeev Circle Fellowship is a close knit circle of entrepreneurs from India and its neighboring regions designed to create exponential impact in the regions where each fellow resides.

Our fellows and mentors see themselves as people blessed to be on a common journey of relevance to those who might need freedom from mundane constraints. Who will become change makers themselves.

There is NO application process for the RajeevCircle fellowship.

Since this a very small, family based activity, I pick Fellows based on my own intuition about each person’s potential to fulfill mine and Rajeev’s dreams to make the world a better place. As I run into them.

The best way to access me and our foundation is to apply for a booth in your nearest Makerfest. There are several happening everywhere now.

Because of high demand, we are slowly beginning to create a process now to scale our fellowship in volume. Using the Makerfest platform. Welcome to this journey and help us !! Since we have never done this before we are learning through trial and error.