1. What is the Rajeev Circle Fellowship?
Rajeev Circle Fellowship is designed to create, mentor and empower young entrepreneurs from the developing world and have them become a part of a corridor between their local community and Silicon Valley in California.

2. How long does the Fellowship last?
The Fellowship is a 2 to 4 week immersion into a vision and an energy that Asha and Rajeev had created, as their way of giving back.

3. Who should apply?
If you think you are working on something that is capable of solving problems faced by your local communities or anywhere in the world, please apply for the fellowship. Our fellows typically range between the ages of 14 and 28. These are however broad guidelines, and if you feel strongly that you will benefit from our program, we encourage you to apply.

4. Why should I apply to be a Fellow and what are the program benefits?
The fellowship is a very private, family style immersion into their circles of work, thought, mission, society, and tech influence in Silicon Valley.

Asha’s vision has evolved towards grooming our Fellows to form a distributed network of budding Scout VCs. Our Fellow Scouts will enable hundreds of brilliant young entrepreneurs and problem solvers from South Asia to get a running start in their own projects through the wealth of experience and resources the Valley offers. For more mature projects we see our fellowship as providing escape velocity to our entrepreneurs and their startups.

5. Who can nominate a fellow?
Only past Rajeev Circle Fellows can nominate a fellow. Feel free to reach out to past fellows to learn more about their experiences and see if you may be a candidate for nomination.

6. What is the selection process?
Once you apply to be a Rajeev Circle Fellow, the Curatorial team rigorously reviews your application. The review is followed by a request for interview.

We read every application and therefore the review process takes time. From each applicant pool, we accept 10 Fellows from each country to attend our program.

The wait time between when you submitted your application and when you hear back about the results can be a few months. All applicants are notified whether or not they have been chosen for the Rajeev Circle Fellowship program.

7. If I have applied in the past but didn’t receive a Fellowship, can I apply again?
Absolutely! We encourage you to persevere. There are many reasons you may not have been selected in the past, including current pool of applicants, but your work in the following year shows growth and unveils new potential. We strongly support individuals that exhibit a growth mindset.

8. What is MJ Tech Women Program?
Motwani Jadeja Global Tech Women Program is a global fellowship program that aims to encourage women working in the technology sector. The first batch of this program will start this year in May. A group of young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and makers will visit Bay Area to explore the startup ecosystem and maker culture in the United States. These entrepreneurs will thus be enabled to learn and replicate best international practices in their home countries. Through this program, the founder Asha Jadeja Motwani hopes to celebrate Maker Movement, promote female makers and boost women participation in technology.